Midjourney Prompts for Realism and Photorealistic Portraits

Imagination is the only limit, but well-crafted prompts can push the boundaries of what is possible. With MidJourney, you can create realistic portraits that you never thought possible.

I remember the days when I created my first portrait during university holidays—not far behind, just three years ago. It took three whole days to finish! Today, I’m baffled exploring images created by users like you using text-to-image AI tools like MidJourney—mind-blowing art pieces. And believe me, it takes just a few seconds and clicks to generate multiple variations from a single prompt!

What Are the Portrait Prompts

In this article, I’ll show you 100+ unique MidJourney prompts for realism and photorealistic portraits that you can use freely to generate lifelike images for your next projects. Now the question is, what am I referring to as a ‘Portrait’? Here, it represents a person, in which the face and its expression are predominant.

These prompts intend to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person. While the focus is usually on the face, the entire body, clothing style, and the background or context may be included.

Top MidJourney Alternatives to Create Lifelike Portraits.

Midjourney Prompts for Realistic Portraits

Well, before diving deep into the ocean of prompts, here’s the first prompt that I would like to discuss. Read the prompt first, copy it, and paste it into the MidJourney text field to see the result—how majestic it is.

Here’s the Prompt

A portrait in evening wear, sparkling jewelry, and bold makeup, under city lights, capturing nightlife elegance.

I changed a few things in the original prompt to make three more variations. Like that, you can edit any prompt as per your thoughts to create a new one.

Here’s how I made the changes:

Variation 1: Added white wide-brimmed hat, changed jewelry to emerald, and evening wear to black.

A portrait in black evening wear, adorned with emerald jewelry, bold makeup, and a white wide-brimmed hat, set against glimmering city lights, capturing the charm of nightlife elegance.

Variation 2: Changed jewelry to pearl necklace and diamond earrings, added vintage goggles, changed clothing color to red, altered background.

A portrait in red evening wear, accentuated with pearl necklace, glittering diamond earrings, vintage goggles, and bold makeup, with cityscape reflecting in a nearby window, epitomizing urban sophistication.

Variation 3: Added matching purse, changed jewelry to sapphire, changed clothing color to royal blue, adjusted lighting to neon glow.

A portrait in royal blue evening wear, featuring bold makeup, sparkling sapphire jewelry, a matching purse, and illuminated by a soft neon glow from city signs, conveying the allure of metropolitan nights.

Realistic Woman Portrait

100+ MidJourney Prompts for Creating Realistic Portraits

  1. Nightlife Elegance:
    Portrait in evening wear, sparkling jewelry, and bold makeup, under city lights, capturing nightlife elegance.
  2. Pastel Elegance:
    Portrait of a cute woman wearing a pastel-colored dress, adorned with matching makeup and a stylish hat, standing near a blooming garden, with soft sunlight illuminating her serene expression, reflecting a sense of youthful elegance and grace
  3. Business Sophistication:
    Portrait of a man in a tailored suit, elegant cufflinks, and a silk tie, in a high-rise office, exuding professionalism.
  4. Summer Youthfulness:
    A portrait of a teenager in casual beachwear, colorful bracelets, and sunglasses, with a beach sunset behind, radiating joy.
  5. Winter Tranquility:
    A portrait of an elderly woman in cozy knitwear, a family heirloom brooch, near a roaring fireplace, reflecting warmth and comfort.
  6. Athletic Determination:
    A portrait of a male athlete in sportswear, a medal around his neck, in a stadium, embodying perseverance.
  7. Maternal Love:
    A portrait of a mother in a soft pastel dress, holding her newborn, in a gentle-lit nursery, expressing tenderness.
  8. Royal Majesty:
    A portrait of a king in ceremonial robes, adorned with a golden crown, in a castle hall, emanating regal dignity.
  9. Childlike Wonder:
    A portrait of a young girl in a fairy costume, glittering wings, under twinkling garden lights, capturing imagination.
  10. Country Gentleness:
    A portrait of a farmer in worn denim, a silver pocket watch, against a barn, reflecting humble pride.
  11. Futuristic Minimalism:
    A portrait of a figure in sleek, monochrome attire, geometric jewelry, in a modernist space, depicting innovation.
  12. Military Honor:
    A portrait of a soldier in uniform, decorated with medals, against a flag, symbolizing duty and courage.
  13. Bohemian Spirit:
    A portrait of a free-spirited individual in layered fabrics, eclectic jewelry, an art studio behind, exuding creativity.

    Bohemian Woman Portrait MidJourney Prompt
  14. Wedding Bliss:
    A portrait of a bride in a lace gown, pearl accessories, under soft lanterns, embodying romance.
  15. Scholarly Wisdom:
    A portrait of a professor in academic robes, holding a vintage tome, in a wood-paneled library, reflecting intellect.
  16. Carnival Mischief:
    A portrait of a clown in vibrant costume, exaggerated makeup, amid carnival lights, radiating playfulness.
  17. Historical Reenactment:
    A portrait of a reenactor in medieval garb, a sword at the side, in a stone fortress, capturing history.
  18. Rock Star Edge:
    A portrait of a musician in leather attire, studded accessories, on a dimly-lit stage, emanating rebellion.
  19. Nature Connection:
    A portrait of a hiker in outdoor clothing, compass pendant, on a mountain trail, expressing adventure.
  20. Cultural Heritage:
    A portrait of a dancer in traditional dress, ancestral jewelry, at a cultural festival, honoring tradition.
  21. Punk Attitude:
    A portrait of a punk rocker in ripped clothing, spiked jewelry, in an underground club, exuding defiance.
  22. Retro Glamour:
    A portrait of a woman in 1950s fashion, ornate earrings, in a classic diner, reflecting nostalgia.
  23. Child’s Play:
    A portrait of a boy in colorful play-clothes, superhero cape, in a playroom, capturing innocence.
  24. Corporate Power:
    A portrait of a CEO in a sharp business attire, diamond cufflinks, in a skyscraper boardroom, symbolizing success.
  25. Gothic Mystery:
    A portrait of a figure in dark Victorian clothing, raven-feather accessories, in a shadowy chamber, evoking intrigue.
  26. Celebrity Spotlight:
    A portrait of a movie star in glamorous red-carpet wear, dazzling jewelry, amidst flashing cameras, depicting fame.
  27. Scientific Curiosity:
    A portrait of a scientist in a lab coat, molecular structure pin, in a laboratory, representing discovery.
  28. Urban Youth:
    A portrait of a young person in street fashion, bold graffiti-inspired jewelry, in an urban alleyway, reflecting trendiness.
  29. Zen Balance:
    A portrait of a yoga instructor in flowing attire, a lotus charm, in a serene studio, exuding harmony.
  30. Haunted Melancholy:
    A portrait of a figure in tattered Victorian clothing, locket with a hidden portrait, in a derelict mansion, capturing sorrow.
  31. Festival Joy:
    A portrait of a dancer in bright festival attire, flower garlands, on a bustling street, radiating celebration.

Birthday Portrait Prompt
Teen Glamour Prompt

Portrait Prompts for Various Occasions

  1. Birthday Celebration:
    Cheerful portrait of a child in party attire, surrounded by balloons and confetti, capturing the joy of a birthday milestone.
  2. Wedding Day:
    Romantic portrait of a bride and groom in elegant wedding attire, holding hands under a floral arch, reflecting the love and commitment of their special day.
  3. Engagement Bliss:
    Tender portrait of a newly engaged couple, displaying their sparkling rings, with champagne glasses, embodying the promise of a shared future.
  4. Graduation Pride:
    Triumphant portrait of a young graduate in cap and gown, holding a diploma, standing by the university gates, symbolizing academic achievement.
  5. Anniversary Romance:
    Loving portrait of an elderly couple, dressed in formal wear, dancing in their living room, celebrating decades of marital bliss.
  6. Corporate Success:
    Professional portrait of a businesswoman in a tailored suit, holding a prestigious award, in her corner office, reflecting career accomplishment.
  7. Retirement Relaxation:
    Serene portrait of a retired man in casual wear, sitting in his favorite armchair, with a fishing rod, portraying contentment.
  8. Holiday Festivities:
    A joyful portrait of a family in matching holiday sweaters, surrounded by decorations and gifts, capturing the spirit of Christmas.
  9. First Day of School:
    A nervous yet excited portrait of a boy in a school uniform, holding a lunchbox, standing by the school bus, marking a new educational journey.
  10. Honeymoon Adventure:
    Playful portrait of a newlywed couple in tropical clothing, on a sandy beach with waves behind, expressing the excitement of their honeymoon.
  11. New Home Celebration:
    A proud portrait of a family in casual wear, holding a “Sold” sign in front of their new house, reflecting a fresh start.
  12. Prom Night Glamour:
    Glamorous portrait of a teenager in a stylish prom dress, with corsage, standing on a grand staircase, capturing a rite of passage.
  13. Baby Shower Joy:
    A glowing portrait of a pregnant woman in a soft pastel dress, surrounded by baby-themed decorations, embodying maternal anticipation.
  14. Father’s Day Tribute:
    A heartfelt portrait of a father and daughter in matching attire, grilling in the backyard, celebrating paternal love.
  15. Mother-Daughter Tea Party:
    A delicate portrait of a mother and daughter in Sunday best, at a garden tea table, portraying familial bonding.
  16. Quinceañera Elegance:
    A vibrant portrait of a young girl in a traditional gown, surrounded by flowers and candles, marking her coming of age.
  17. Golden Jubilee Celebration:
    A regal portrait of a community leader in ceremonial robes, holding a golden scepter, honoring fifty years of service.
  18. Reunion Remembrance:
    A nostalgic portrait of old friends in commemorative shirts, gathered at their school entrance, reminiscing shared history.
  19. Charity Gala Grace:
    An elegant portrait of a philanthropist in a refined gown, with a charity auction paddle, in a ballroom, reflecting social responsibility.
  20. First Communion Reverence:
    A peaceful portrait of a girl in a white communion dress, holding a rosary, in a church, symbolizing spiritual devotion.

Chef Portrait
Soldier Portrait
Soldier Portrait Generated with MidJourney

Capturing the Essence of Various Professions

  1. Businesswoman: A confident portrait of a businesswoman, wearing a tailored suit, holding a briefcase, with a cityscape in the reflection of the office window.
  2. Firefighter: A determined portrait of a firefighter, helmet in hand, smeared with soot, the glow of fire reflecting in his eyes.
  3. Doctor: A compassionate portrait of a doctor in a white coat and stethoscope, eyes filled with care, medical books in the background.
  4. Cowboy: A rugged portrait of a cowboy, wearing a hat and bandana, squinting into the desert sun, a lasso slung over his shoulder.
  5. Farmer: A weathered portrait of a farmer, wearing a straw hat, holding a pitchfork, with a field of crops and a barn in the distance.
  6. Scientist: An intrigued portrait of a scientist, peering into a microscope, lab equipment and chemical formulas surrounding the workspace.
  7. Teacher: A warm portrait of a teacher, smiling with chalk in hand, a chalkboard filled with equations and lessons behind her.
  8. Chef: A masterful portrait of a chef, in white uniform and chef’s hat, holding a skillet, with a kitchen bustling in the background.
  9. Police Officer: A stoic portrait of a police officer, badge and handcuffs visible, a city street at night behind.
  10. Construction Worker: A strong portrait of a construction worker, wearing a hard hat, blueprints underarm, a building site in the background.
  11. Nurse: A gentle portrait of a nurse, wearing scrubs, a reassuring smile on her face, hospital corridor behind.
  12. Pilot: A focused portrait of a pilot, wearing aviator glasses and a headset, cockpit instruments and runway lights in the view.
  13. Astronaut: A futuristic portrait of an astronaut, helmet underarm, a view of space and distant planets through a spacecraft window.
  14. Fisherman: A serene portrait of a fisherman, wearing a raincoat, holding a fishing rod, a misty harbor at dawn in the background.
  15. Mechanic: A skilled portrait of a mechanic, wearing overalls, wiping hands with a rag, tools and car parts behind.
  16. Journalist: An alert portrait of a journalist, holding a notepad and pen, a newsroom filled with screens and activity in the background.
  17. Lawyer: A stern portrait of a lawyer, in a classic suit, law books and legal documents on an oak desk behind.
  18. Artist: A creative portrait of an artist, palette in hand, brushes and unfinished canvas, filled with vibrant colors behind.
  19. Dancer: An elegant portrait of a dancer, in a ballet pose, stage curtains and spotlight creating a dramatic atmosphere.
  20. Architect: A thoughtful portrait of an architect, holding a rolled blueprint, scale models and drafting tools meticulously arranged behind.

Wrapping It Up: Your Next Steps with MidJourney Prompts

I have a million words to write and share my ideas on MidJourney prompts for realism and photorealistic portraits, but it’s not possible to cover everything in a limited space article. If you want to delve deeper into this intriguing world, don’t miss the next article on MidJourney Photography Prompts.

The best way to engage with these prompts is through experimentation. Simply copy any of the prompts and paste them into the MidJourney chatbot to see the results come to life. Feel free to further modify according to your thoughts and preferences to make them unique. Your creative journey with MidJourney prompts is only limited by your imagination. Enjoy exploring!