MidJourney Photography Prompts

Discover 100+ Best MidJourney photography prompts to create realistic images to inspire your creative thoughts.

In the realm of visual artistry, there was a time when seasoned photographers, equipped with high-end gear, would take days, even weeks, to orchestrate a masterful photoshoot. But now, enter MidJourney—a tool that’s redefining the landscape of imagery.

Have you ever heard the name Boris Eldagsen? I’m guessing, no! He’s a German photographer who uses AI to craft images—often surreal and dreamlike, and won numerous awards, including the Sony world photography award.

Now, you might be wondering how Eldagsen’s AI-created images tie in with MidJourney. Well, here’s the scoop: MidJourney prompts are essentially creative text descriptions that guide AI tools in creating these mesmerizing visuals.

What are the Photography Prompts

Photography prompts are creative descriptions or instructions to guide text-to-image AI tools in creating photographic-style images.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to capture realistic shots like these and introduce you to various other photographic styles—from V5 to V5.2.

MidJourney Photography Prompts
Woman Photograph
Photographs Created for LikeSlice.com

Just see the two photographs right above this text. Can you guess which one’s a real-world capture and which is an AI-generated masterpiece?

Parameters for Creating Photographic Imagery

1. Aspect Ratio

The 3:2 aspect ratio along with 16:9 and 4:3 are frequently used for creating photography images on MidJourney. However, this isn’t restrictive, as it can vary based on needs and the subject.

Simply write them at the end of your prompt like these: –aspect 3:2 or –ar 3:2

2. Camera Angles

Camera angles play a pivotal role in photography. Here are the most common angles you can include in your prompt to dictate the perspective of your subject:

  • Eye-level angle
  • High angle
  • Low angle
  • Overhead angle
  • Close-up
  • Wide angle
  • Bird Eye angle or drone shot
  • Back Angle

3. Lighting Effects

Lighting isn’t just about illumination; it’s an art that defines depth, mood, and atmosphere in a photograph. In MidJourney, specifying the desired lighting effect can guide the AI to generate images with specific atmospheres or vibes.

Here are some common lighting effects you might consider specifying in your prompts:

  • Soft lighting
  • Hard lighting
  • Backlighting
  • Side lighting
  • Front lighting
  • Dramatic shadows
  • Golden hour glow

For instance, to emphasize the silhouette of a subject, you might prefer backlighting, whereas for a portrait that highlights facial features, front lighting can be ideal.

To demonstrate, here’s an example of a prompt that integrates aspect ratio, camera angle, and lighting effect:

High-angle shot. Red Rock Mountain next to Blue Beach. Sky with few clouds. Glowing Sun. Rim lighting. –v 5.2 –ar 4:3

Here’s the output:

High-angle shot. Red Rock Mountain next to Blue Beach. Sky with few clouds

In this prompt:

  • “High-angle shot” dictates the camera angle.
  • “Red Rock Mountain” and “Blue Beach” highlight the main subjects.
  • “Sky with few clouds” details the sky’s appearance.
  • “Glowing Sun” identifies the sun’s condition.
  • “Rim lighting” points out the lighting effect.
  • “–v 5.2” specifies the version.
  • “–ar 4:3” determines the aspect ratio.

“MidJourney is a canvas of experiments and limitless creativity. And you’re the artist, holding the brush of innovation.”

How to Modify Prompts

Before we journey through the expansive world of prompts, let’s kick things off with this first one. Give it a read, then copy and paste it into MidJourney’s Discord text field. You’re in for a treat!

High-angle shot of a woman donning a multi-cornered colorful hat, dressed in a vintage leather dress, adorned with a vibrant necklace, posed in front of a rustic hut; an elder figure subtly peeks from behind her shoulder.

I tweaked the original prompt a bit to come up with three different variations. This way, you can adjust any prompt according to your ideas and craft something new.

Here’s how I made the changes:

Variation 1: Switched to close-up angle, replaced multi-cornered hat with feathered blue one, changed dress to silk robe, necklace altered to delicate silver choker, and background switched to brook with mountains.

Close-up portrait of a woman wearing a feathered blue hat, draped in a silk robe, with a delicate silver choker, standing beside a babbling brook with mountains in the distance.

Variation 2: Subject changed to a man, introduced flat cap, added rugged denim jacket, incorporated leather-bound book, and background adjusted to graffiti-covered wall with city skyline.

A man, in a flat cap and rugged denim jacket, holding a guitar, standing near a graffiti-covered wall, with the city skyline looming behind.

Variation 3: Introduced old couple as subjects, both adorned with straw hats, added linen clothing, changed setting to porch swing, and background switched to wooden cottage with a rose garden.

An old couple, both wearing straw hats and linen clothes, sitting on a porch swing, outside their wooden cottage, with a garden filled with blooming roses in the background.

Old Couple Photography
A Man with Guitar Photography
Realistic Photography Style Prompts

100+ Best Midjourney Photography Prompts for Realistic Images


Architecture Prompts
Architecture Photography
Images by Rachel Chang
  1. Triangular Modern Marvel:
    Modern building featuring stark juxtapositions of triangular windows, pyramids, sharp angular facades, wood and glass surfaces, classic interior, orange lights, and furniture.
  2. Colonial Mansion:
    Grand estate reflecting colonial era, sprawling verandas, symmetrical columns, white wood siding, large sash windows, and red brick chimneys.
  3. Rustic Alpine Cabin:
    Secluded mountainside abode, exposed timber beams, stone fireplace, gabled roof, expansive windows overlooking snow-capped peaks, and wooden balconies.
  4. Japanese Zen Retreat:
    Traditional wooden structure surrounded by rock gardens, sliding shoji screens, tatami mat flooring, ornate koi ponds, and curved, tiled roofs.
  5. Brutalist Library:
    Massive concrete edifice, bold blockish designs, repeating modular elements, recessed windows, with an expansive atrium and exposed stairways inside.
  6. Victorian Townhouse:
    Urban dwelling featuring bay windows, ornate wrought-iron railings, decorative eaves, pastel-colored facades, and patterned brickwork.
  7. Mediterranean Villa:
    Coastal home showcasing white stucco walls, red-tiled roofs, arched doorways, ceramic tiles detailing, open courtyards, and olive tree gardens.
  8. Postmodern Museum:
    Quirky structure with colorful facades, mismatched geometric forms, playful ornaments, asymmetrical designs, and a blend of old and new architectural elements.
  9. Tri-Connected Metallic Elegance:
    Metallic elegance, three connected towers with bridges, front portrait, asymmetrical designs, blend of modern and contemporary architectural elements.
  10. Tropical Beach Bungalow:
    Seaside haven built on stilts, thatched roofs, open-air verandas, bamboo walls, hammocks hanging, with unobstructed ocean views.


Cityscape Photography
Cityscape roundabout prompts
Cityscape Photography MidJourney Prompts
  1. Autumn City Park:
    City park carpeted in fall leaves, showcasing amber and gold hues, bordered by picturesque homes.
  2. Lakeside Metropolis:
    Panoramic morning view of a city with a multi-level highway, bridge, flanked by imposing skyscrapers, a serene lakeside, and tree-lined sidewalks under a blue sky.
  3. Bridge’s Perspective:
    Cityscape vista from atop a bridge, showcasing a serene river below and the looming skyscrapers on either side.
  4. Emerald Green Divide:
    Cityscape with a snaking river cutting through, flanked by towering skyscrapers reflecting on its serene surface.
  5. Stepping Back in Time:
    An older part of the city juxtaposed against modern skyscrapers, showcasing architectural evolution and the passage of time in urban development.
  6. The Bridged Skylines:
    Elevated bridge spanning a vast river, seamlessly connecting two vibrant city skylines, each showcasing distinct architectural styles.
  7. Aerial Serenity:
    Bird’s-eye view of a bustling roundabout encircled by verdant trees, with a tranquil, shimmering lake adjacent, reflecting the city’s pulse.
  8. Trackside Market Vista:
    A railway track adjacent to a bustling city market, bordered by a line of trees on the other side.
  9. Deserted Dawn Streets:
    The city in the early hours of dawn, streets devoid of the usual bustle, bathed in soft, golden light, creating a tranquil ambiance juxtaposed with silent skyscrapers.
  10. Monochromatic Hues in Rain:
    Cityscape under a drizzling rain, with streets glistening, creating reflective surfaces for the towering buildings, captured in black and white, emphasizing contrasts and textures.


Food Photography
  1. Golden Risotto Elegance:
    Creamy saffron risotto, garnished with gold leaf, close up, gourmet plating, deep shadow, luxurious ambiance.
  2. Sizzling Mastery:
    Steaming Tomahawk steak, charred edges, rosemary sprig accent, premium plating, moody lighting.
  3. Golden Hour Gelato:
    Creamy scoops of gelato, vibrant berry garnish, sunlit golden hues, close-up, glass bowl, on rustic wooden table, sunset background.
  4. Avocado Elegance:
    Avocado toast, bird’s eye view, artisanal bread, sprinkled feta, modern plate, crisp linen background.
  5. Luxe Lobster Delight:
    Lobster bisque, fine dining, smooth texture, garnished with chives, poured tableside, luxurious setting, warm lighting.
  6. Pastel Macaron Medley:
    Macaron assortment, pastel colors, flat lay, decorative plate, soft lighting, marble surface.
  7. Twirled Italian Tradition:
    Spaghetti carbonara, classic Italian dish, overhead shot, rustic wooden table, garnished with parsley.
  8. Citrus Pie Perfection:
    Lemon meringue pie, sliced view, torched top, pristine white plate, bright setting, hint of citrus zest.
  9. Vibrant Vegan Bowl:
    Vegan Buddha bowl, top angle, vibrant veggies, quinoa base, earthy ceramic bowl, natural light.
  10. Fresh Parisian Morning:
    Croissant, fresh bake, dusted with powdered sugar, French café setting, marble counter, morning light.


Fashion Photography Prompts
Male Fashion Photography
  1. Rustic Elegance:
    Full-length shot of female model on a marble floor, donning a colorful hat and necklace, draped in a brown vintage jacket, against a brick wall studio backdrop.
  2. Urban Sophistication:
    Full-length male model on cobbled streets, wearing sleek sunglasses, blue floral-printed shirt, crisp white trousers, leaning against a rustic brown wall.
  3. Whimsical Youth:
    Child model amidst a sunflower field, wearing a polka-dotted dress or dungarees, straw hat, holding a vintage toy airplane, golden sunlight highlighting playful curls.
  4. Timeless Grace:
    Elderly woman on a vintage Victorian porch, dressed in a lavender lace gown, pearls draped gracefully, holding a classic embroidered parasol, with a backdrop of a setting sun.
  5. Chic Essence:
    Full female model on a rooftop terrace, clad in a flowing silk evening gown, jewel-encrusted clutch in hand, city skyline in the backdrop, under a canopy of twinkling stars.


Landscape Photography
  1. Golden Fairways:
    Aerial view of a pristine golf course, undulating greens interspersed with shimmering water hazards, groves of trees casting long shadows, and winding sand bunkers, bathed in the soft glow of a setting sun.
  2. Majestic Mountain Morning:
    Alpine peaks bathed in dawn’s golden light, casting long shadows over the valley below, with a meandering river reflecting the sky’s pastel hues.
  3. Enchanted Forest Whispers:
    Ancient trees draped in moss, forming a canopy over a serene woodland path, sunbeams piercing through, casting dappled light on the forest floor.
  4. Desert Dreamscape:
    Vast sand dunes, shaped by winds into intricate patterns, under a star-studded night sky, with a crescent moon hanging low on the horizon.
  5. Hilltop Gaze:
    Waterfall tumbling over a rugged cliff, enveloped by layers of dense green foliage, juxtaposed against the expansive backdrop of a sprawling verdant forest.


Nature Photography
MidJourney Prompts for Nature Photography
  1. Forest Whisperer:
    A stag with majestic antlers stands amidst tall pine trees, mist swirling around, capturing a moment of stillness.
  2. Feathered Morning:
    Sunlit silhouette of a lone eagle perched on an old tree branch, overlooking a calm lake with mist rising from the water’s surface.
  3. Desert Dance:
    A group of camels walking in line, their shadows stretching out long on the golden desert sands, with a backdrop of towering sand dunes.
  4. Butterfly Ballet:
    Close-up of a vivid butterfly with wings wide open, settled delicately on a dew-kissed flower, with blurred green foliage in the background.
  5. Mountain Watcher:
    A snow leopard stealthily navigating rocky terrains against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks, its eyes fixed on a distant prey.
  6. Serenade of the Seas:
    A dolphin leaping gracefully above ocean waves, catching the golden hue of a setting sun, with distant ships on the horizon.
  7. Field Frolic:
    Rabbits hopping amidst tall grasses in an open field, with distant woodlands and the soft glow of twilight painting the scene.
  8. Bee’s Endeavor:
    Macro shot of a bee with translucent wings, collecting nectar from a sunflower, with pollen particles visible in sharp detail.
  9. Jungle Serenity:
    A colorful parrot perched on a moss-covered branch in a rainforest, with droplets from a recent rain shower glistening on surrounding leaves.
  10. Lake’s Lullaby:
    Swans gliding serenely on a mirrored lake, surrounded by tall reeds, with the reflection of a pastel sky just before dusk.

Night Photography

Night Photography
  1. Hometown Nocturne: Street-level view of a tranquil town road at night, rows of warm-lit homes on one side casting inviting glows from windows, juxtaposed with evenly spaced light poles on the opposite side, casting long, soft shadows across the asphalt.
  2. Mystical Forest: Ground-level view of a dense forest illuminated by soft bioluminescent fungi and creatures, casting a serene blue and purple hue throughout the scene, captured ideally with a Canon EOS R5 and its fast lens.
  3. Nighttime Harbor: Eye-level view from the dockside of yachts anchored in a harbor with reflections on water, distant lighthouses, and city lights in the background.
  4. Carnival Lights: Tower-top view of an illuminated carousel or Ferris wheel in an empty amusement park, with surrounding tents and stalls.
  5. Cobblestone Path: Street-level angle capturing a dimly lit cobblestone street with old lampposts casting golden light, with the focus on a distant cat crossing or an aged wooden bench.

Street Photography

  1. Rain-Kissed Streets: Wide-angle capture of pedestrians with colorful umbrellas navigating wet city sidewalks, reflecting neon signs from nearby shops.
  2. Cafe Corner: Over-the-shoulder view of a barista crafting latte art at an open-air cafe, with passerby watching curiously from outside.
  3. Wall Art Walk: Dynamic view of an artist spray-painting a mural on a large city wall, onlookers capturing the moment on their smartphones.
  4. Pedal Through the Lane: Front-facing shot of a cyclist weaving through a crowd on an old-town street, historic architecture framing the scene.
  5. Playground Portraits: Candid capture of children playing street games in a neighborhood square, with elders observing from shadowed stoops.
  6. Marketplace Mirrors: Reflection shot capturing bustling street vendors and their wares in the mirrored windows of a modern building.
  7. Sidewalk Silhouettes: Backlit view of pedestrians cast in silhouette during sunset, long shadows stretching forward on the pavement, hinting at the setting sun.

Product Photography Prompts

Perfume Bottle MidJourney Photography Prompt
Luxury Wristwatch Photography
Luxury Watch Photography
  1. Perfume Poise: Side-angle view of an elegant perfume bottle placed on a reflecting water surface, light refracting through the glass against a dark background, illuminated from the right.
  2. Crystal Clarity: Close-up of a luxury wristwatch, gleaming stainless steel against a soft velvet cushion, spotlight emphasizing intricate details.
  3. Golden Gourmet: Direct shot of artisanal chocolates in gold foil, arranged in a luxe box, soft lighting accentuating texture.
  4. Elegance in Earwear: Close capture of diamond-studded earrings, suspended from a velvet mount, with a soft-focus glittering background.
  5. Rustic Roasts: Overhead shot of hand-roasted coffee beans spilling from a burlap sack onto a weathered wooden surface, vintage grinder nearby.
  6. Sneaker Spotlight: Angled view of high-end sneakers on a polished concrete floor, accent lighting emphasizing color and design.
  7. Liquid Luxury: Side view of a crystal wine glass, filled to the perfect height, red wine’s depth and viscosity showcased, set against a deep charcoal backdrop.
  8. Gadget Glow: Top-down shot of a professional DSLR camera with a prime lens, set on a minimalist desk, screen displaying a captured vibrant landscape.

Vintage Photography

Vintage Photography
  1. Timeless Elegance: Close-up of a vintage pocket watch with ornate hands, set against an aged parchment, light filtering softly from the left.
  2. Retro Ride: Mid-angle view of a classic 1950s car, glossy paint reflecting a sunlit cobblestone street, old buildings in the backdrop.
  3. Gramophone Melodies: Detailed view of an antique gramophone, the needle touching a spinning vinyl, set against a weathered wooden table and a lace curtain window.
  4. Sepia Streets: Perspective view of a cobbled street with 1920s pedestrians and vintage lampposts, a soft sepia tone enveloping the scene.
  5. Typewriter Tales: Above view of a vintage typewriter, a half-typed letter peeking through, surrounded by faded photographs and old postcards.
  6. Victorian Vogue: Full-length shot of a lady adorned in Victorian attire, parasol in hand, standing beside a wrought-iron gate, with old mansions visible in the distance.
  7. Antique Aerials: High-angle shot of a vintage biplane soaring above patchwork fields, the propeller spinning mid-flight, clouds casting shadows below.
  8. Nostalgic Nook: Interior shot of a 1940s living room, with a tube radio playing, floral wallpaper, and worn-out armchairs set near a flickering fireplace.
  9. Cinematic Memories: Low-angle shot of an antique film camera on a tripod, reels of film and clapperboard scattered nearby, set against a tattered movie poster wall.
  10. Railway Reverie: Platform view of a steam engine puffing clouds of smoke, vintage suitcases piled nearby, and passengers in old-timey attire awaiting boarding.

I could easily fill volumes discussing the depth and potential of MidJourney photography prompts, particularly their application in creating realistic and photorealistic portraits. However, concise articles demand brevity. Stay tuned for a deeper exploration of our upcoming piece on MidJourney prompts.