149 Creative MidJourney Prompts for Your Next Masterpiece 2023

Let your imagination run wild with MidJourney prompts that will help you create amazing art.

An AI text-to-image tool without a prompt is like a basket full of fresh ingredients but no chef to turn them into a delicious meal. And if the prompt is nicely written, the output will be astonishing. A high-tech AI can’t deliver outstanding visuals without well-crafted prompts. Like a master chef who knows how to blend ingredients, good prompts guide the AI to create the vivid and realistic images you desire.

Creating an effective prompt takes time and experiments; most of the time, it is challenging. To help you, we’ve created a list of 149 best MidJourney prompts that’ll inspire your creativity and take your AI experience to the next level in creating masterpieces.

Realistic Beautiful Woman Portrait
Realistic Man Portrait
Images created with MidJourney for LikeSlice.com

Look at the lifelike portraits above. Both images were created with MidJourney. One is a beautiful lady with luscious brown hair and dark brown eyes, smiling through tears (ah, how emotional is this). The other is a rugged cowboy whose dark brown eyes seem to spin tales of the Wild West.

These aren’t just random images – they were generated using well-thought-out prompts. This shows that mastering the art of prompt creation is key to producing realistic and expressive results.

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MidJourney prompts for creating realistic portraits.

Try out these prompts.

Capture a portrait of a beautiful lady with luscious brown hair and dark brown eyes, smiling through tears. The juxtaposition of joy and sorrow creates an emotionally rich image.

Photograph a rugged cowboy whose dark brown eyes seem to spin tales of the Wild West. His weathered face and determined expression tell a story of adventure, hardship, and courage.

More Experiments

Hey, wait, why are you in a hurry? Art creation is not to be rushed, whether on a MidJourney or a real canvas with a paintbrush. In both cases, you need experiments to learn.

Just put this prompt into your Midjourney and see the magic:

Beautiful Woman With Iron Robotic Big Wings, Half Face Metal Cover, Metal Dress. A Fusion of Flesh and Machine, Cast in Steel and Elegance.

Your results may vary, but still, you’ll get amazing images. Here’s my attempt.

This is not it; you can edit this prompt to get different results. For example, in the prompt above, you can remove ‘Half Face Metal Cover,’ add ‘Goggles’ to the face, change ‘Robotic Big Wings’ to ‘Bat Wings,’ ‘Metal Dress’ to ‘Iron Man Dress,’ and so on.

Change what’s in your mind and give it an attempt on MidJourney or even any other text-to-image generation tools. Here are the 10 best MidJourney alternatives you can explore to generate amazing art.

Here’s Another Example

Steampunk-Fantasy Prompt
Steampunk-Fantasy Prompt

Okay, here’s another prompt you can try to create incredible pieces of Steampunk Fantasy Art. Imagine a warrior who embodies the strength of nature and the intricacy of machinery.

A battle-hardened figure adorned with metallic armor, a cloak of living vines, and eyes that glow with ancient wisdom. A symbol of nature’s resilience against technological invasion.

Note: Not every AI text-to-image generator tool will create the same image in each attempt. Your images may vary from my images, but they will still achieve what the prompt says.

“Believe me; you’ll get better results because you’re more creative than me.”

Here is the list of 100 MidJourney prompt examples, organized into 10 different categories:

MidJourney Prompts for Realistic Portraits

Realistic Portraits
Realistic Photos
  1. Spring Bloom:
    A portrait with a floral dress, adorned with soft pastel jewelry, framed by cherry blossoms, expressing the rejuvenation of spring.
  2. Summer Elegance:
    A portrait in a sunhat, light linen attire, sunglasses, and minimal makeup, with a beach background symbolizing the relaxed vibes of summer.
  3. Autumn Artistry:
    A portrait with a cozy woolen scarf, warm-toned attire, rustic jewelry, set against the backdrop of golden leaves and a forest, representing fall.
  4. Winter Grace:
    A portrait in a stylish winter coat, elegant gloves, and a chic hat, against the snowy mountains, evoking the serenity of winter.
  5. Desert Explorer:
    A portrait wearing loose clothing, desert shades, and head wrap, with sand dunes in the backdrop, capturing the adventurous spirit.
  6. Rainforest Wanderer:
    A portrait in tropical casual wear, accessorized with earth-toned jewelry, surrounded by lush greenery, portraying connection with nature.
  7. Ocean Voyager:
    A portrait in nautical-themed clothing, with seashell accessories, by the rocky shore, representing the allure of the sea.
  8. Mountain Mystique:
    A portrait in hiking apparel, sporting functional gear, set against towering peaks, symbolizing exploration and determination.
  9. City Sophisticate:
    A portrait in fashionable urban wear, with contemporary accessories, against a city skyline, reflecting modern chic.
  10. Country Comfort:
    A portrait in relaxed rural attire, simple hat, with a countryside background, embodying a laid-back lifestyle.
  11. Night Glamour:
    A portrait in evening wear, sparkling jewelry, and bold makeup, under city lights, capturing nightlife elegance.
  12. Daylight Freshness:
    A portrait in casual daywear, minimal makeup, with a bright and airy background, depicting daytime simplicity.
  13. Historical Heritage:
    A portrait in traditional clothing, with cultural artifacts, set in an ancestral location, honoring cultural roots.
  14. Futuristic Fashionista:
    A portrait in cutting-edge attire, innovative accessories, against a sleek, modern background, expressing forward-thinking style.
  15. Artistic Expression:
    A portrait with creatively styled clothing, artistic makeup, amidst colorful abstract art, showcasing artistic flair.
  16. Garden Serenity:
    A portrait in comfortable loungewear, surrounded by blooming flowers and green plants, reflecting tranquility.
  17. Stargazing Dreamer:
    A portrait in nighttime casuals, with telescope, against starlit sky, capturing celestial wonder.
  18. Business Poise:
    A portrait in professional business attire, with elegant accessories, in an office setting, representing career success.
  19. Forest Enchantment:
    A portrait in earthy clothing, wooden accessories, within a dense woodland, connecting with nature’s magic.
  20. Cafe Casual:
    A portrait in relaxed coffeehouse attire, with reading glasses, in a cozy cafe setting, enjoying leisure time.

Steampunk Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art Prompts
Fantasy MidJourney Prompts
Created by Rachel Chang with MidJourney
  1. Warrior of the Future Forest:
    A battle-hardened figure adorned with metallic armor, a cloak of living vines, and eyes that glow with ancient wisdom. A symbol of nature’s resilience against technological invasion.
  2. The Lady of Steam and Dreams:
    A closeup of a beautiful lady inventor with brass goggles, riding a dragon made of cogs and steam, exploring a world where imagination fuels reality.
  3. The Clockwork Dancer:
    A graceful dancer with legs of intricate machinery, performing in a grand ballroom filled with steam-powered aristocrats. Her movements tell a story of love, loss, and perpetual motion.
  4. Cybernetic Shaman:
    An elder with robotic limbs, embedded with mystical runes, summoning digital spirits in a neon-lit cyber world. A spiritual guide in an age of machines.
  5. The Iron Mermaid:
    A mermaid with a tail crafted from shimmering metal, swimming through the polluted oceans of a dystopian future. A tragic beauty reflecting both nature’s splendor and humanity’s folly.
  6. The Falconer of the Wasteland:
    A rugged survivor with a mechanical falcon, traversing a post-apocalyptic desert. A bond between man, machine, and the relentless pursuit of freedom.
  7. The Silk and Steel Geisha:
    A geisha with limbs of delicate metalwork, entertaining guests in a high-tech tea house. Her eyes, a blend of tradition and innovation, reveal a soul caught between two worlds.
  8. Guardian of the Galactic Garden:
    A colossal statue with a body of stars and arms of spiraling galaxies, holding a sword of pure energy. A cosmic entity watching over the balance between technology and the organic universe.
  9. The Ghost in the Machine:
    A spectral figure with a half-visible mechanical body, haunting the abandoned factories of a once-thriving metropolis. A memory of industrial glory, now lost to time.
  10. The Solar Siren:
    A space explorer with wings of solar summits, singing a melody that resonates through the void. Her song, a call to adventure, echoes across planets and star systems, uniting flesh and technology in cosmic harmony.

Surrealism Art Prompts

MidJourney Prompts for Surrealism Art
  1. The Futuristic Lion King:
    A lion, twisted futurism, intricately detailed, abstract structures, fantastical machines, bryce 3D effects, silver and blue, colorful, eye-catching compositions.
  2. The Mechanical Dolphin:
    A dolphin, sleek mechanical designs, vibrant blue tones, silver accents, futuristic aquatic habitat, mesmerizing abstract forms.
  3. Falcon of the Steel Skies:
    A falcon, biomechanical wings, sharp metallic edges, hovering above a cityscape, intertwined with abstract geometric patterns, red and gold hues.
  4. The Cyborg Wolf of Crystal Forest:
    A wolf, mechanical limbs, prowling a crystalline forest, silver and green, enigmatic machines, a blend of organic and metallic textures.
  5. Elephant of the Future Past:
    An elephant, ornate futuristic armor, amidst ancient ruins, abstract structures, fantastical machines, gold and bronze, surreal imagery.
  6. The Metallic Dragon’s Breath:
    A dragon, wings of twisted metal, breathing fire over a cybernetic landscape, silver and red, high detailed, abstract forms, dreamlike panorama.
  7. Deer of the Industrial Wilderness:
    A deer, antlers intertwined with mechanical branches, standing in an industrialized forest, bryce 3D, silver and brown, fantastical imagery.
  8. The Bear of Crystal Cave:
    A bear, metallic fur, in a cave filled with glowing crystals and mechanical devices, blue and silver tones, abstract patterns.
  9. Serpent of the Steampunk Sanctum:
    A serpent, scales of metal and gemstones, coiled around an ancient structure, amid steampunk machinery, green and gold, eye-catching design.
  10. The Butterfly of Future’s Garden:
    A butterfly, wings made of glass and cogs, floating above a garden of futuristic flowers, colorful, silver and violet, abstract, fantastical landscape.

Cultural Chronicles

Cultural Chronicles MidJourney Prompts
Cultural Chronicles MidJourney Prompts
  1. The Artisan of Timeless Traditions:
    A woman with a colorful hat, wearing an old leather dress and a colorful necklace, standing in front of a hut, with an axe behind her shoulder.
  2. The Keeper of Desert Wisdom:
    A man wearing traditional desert attire, with a turban and flowing robes, leaning against a sunbaked wall, a camel resting in the background.
  3. The Scribe of Ancient Scrolls:
    An elderly scholar, dressed in ornate silk garments, seated at a desk filled with scrolls and manuscripts, a lantern casting a soft glow.
  4. The Weaver of Mountain Lore:
    A woman in a woolen shawl and headscarf, weaving at an old loom, a rustic mountain cabin and verdant hills in the background.
  5. The Fisher of Tranquil Waters:
    A fisherman wearing a conical hat, holding a traditional bamboo rod, with a still pond and blossoming lotus flowers behind him.
  6. The Guardian of Sacred Temples:
    A monk in saffron robes, standing serenely at the entrance of an ancient temple, a gong and incense burners adorning the scene.
  7. The Farmer of Fertile Valleys:
    A farmer wearing a straw hat, working in lush rice terraces, a bamboo hat and traditional farming tools at his side.
  8. The Dancer of Festive Rhythms:
    A dancer in vibrant festival attire, adorned with beads and feathers, a lively market square and musicians in the background.
  9. The Craftsman of Artistic Heritage:
    A potter at his wheel, creating traditional ceramics, shelves filled with finished pieces, and an old kiln in the corner of the workshop.
  10. The Storyteller of Jungle Legends:
    A tribal elder, dressed in traditional garments, sitting by a fire, a dense jungle and hand-carved totems forming the backdrop.

Writing and sharing all my thoughts about MidJourney prompts would take a million words, but unfortunately, a confined space in this article prevents me from covering everything. To further explore this captivating subject, make sure to catch the upcoming article about MidJourney Prompts for Realism and Photorealistic Portraits.